Vortec 4200  Vortec 4200 engine block with Darton Sleeves installed. Standard Chevy V8 Bellhousing on the left, Atlas (Vortec 4200 bellhousing) on the right. Both bellhousings are for a GM 4l60e transmission Standard Vortec 4200 front sump oilpan Vortec 4200 Cam blanks next to factory cams Aftermarket rear sump oil Pan made by EMT Tech Motorsports Pan dimensions :  Sump is 6.8” deep from the pan rail to the bottom of sump Front of the sump is 11.3 “ from the transmission flange The front section of the pan is 2 5/8" deep from the flange to the bottom outside of the pan. Holds 4.5 US quarts (4.4 L). This cast aluminum oil pan is fully machined ready to install. Turbo parts, Darton Sleeves, Crowler B93913B rods, J&E Turbo Pistons 274283 ATI Damper with 36-1 trigger wheel installed for Ford EDIS and oil pump drive pulley